Top 5 Rental Property Mistakes To Avoid as a Landlord in Chattanooga, TN

top 5 rental mistakes - Chattanooga

For landlords, even a simple mistake can lead to financial loss and liability. If you’re not working with a professional property management company in Chattanooga, you need to be aware of the laws, regulations, and requirements associated with your rental property. Professional managers make a point of avoiding these mistakes, and to succeed as a landlord, you need to avoid them as well. Read more

How to Screen for Good Tenants in Chattanooga, TN | Property Management

Tenant Screening (2)Rental Criteria

Have a written set of rental criteria that potential applicants can review before they visit your property or put in an application. You can state any of the requirements that a tenant has to meet in order to be approved for your property. There may be a minimum credit score, a rental history clear of evictions, and an income requirement. Read more